Death, Rebirth, Letting Go


What do you think of death?

Eversince i was a kid, all i can remember of death is
hollowness, vast emptiness, scary, scary, scary.

I used to think death is merrier for the one who died, but
not for the one who had been left. Death is a punishment for people who lived.

A punishment because it brings out terrible feelings that
you will experience the same fate.

A punishment because due to death you appreciate live, while
In fact you are not appreciating it more, you just recount the years you had
and wondering how many of it left?

A punishment, because dead reminds you of all your sins,
your what ifs, your should haves.

A punishment because you have to bear it ALONE.

A punishment because although life is not that good
sometimes, it is known, understood, lived. And death is not. You will be  buried into a deep dark hole, for the rest of
your “death” without knowing what’s gonna happen next.

And just like people who like to withhold information to
obtain power towards controlling people’s reaction. Then god’s ultimate power
is to withhold information, when we are going to die, and what’s going to
happen next, and how does our doings in life affect our death.


Rebirth is letting go of who you were previously and
changing the way you perceived everything, even alter your identity. Rebirth to
me is in the brain, is the regeneration of brain cells. The new brain cells
will alter how you think about others, how you think about yourselves, even can
command your body to do actions that previously perceived as un-doable. Rebirth,
to me, is simply a brain transplantation.

We are micro god, controlled by our brain. Our microgod interact
with other people’s microgod and with complicated relationship we cant figure
out yet, it creates our and the whole universe’s faith and destiny. God is within us all and we are the
master of our own universe.

Death & Rebirth –Is it a good go?

Death is closely linked to rebirth. Its like the same person
with face facing opposite directions.

A person’s death is a rebirth of a (new) situation.

A person’s (re)birth is actually the dying of thousands of “loser”
sperms and also the dying of individual ovum and sperm, as they merged into
one. It can also be perceived as the dead of thousands unwanted thoughts to be
replaced with new ones, new thoughts, new attitude, hence rebirth of someone.

Unfortunately, death and rebirth share one more similar
characteristics: “let go”. Letting go of the old ones to be replaced with new

It is not a secret, nor even wanted that soon you will lose everything you hold dear. The remaining question only, is it a good go?

When is it a good go of everything? Of relationships, of love,
of death, of jobs, of memories, of anger, of resentment. Sometimes you are
forced choice.

But its like pain after surgery, or a phantom pain you feel
after being amputated. The pain..sneaks out on you afterward, and when it is
not a good go, you are left with the greatest pain of all: REGRETS.

But live will get you there no matter what. Live, like time keeps
ticking, keep forcing us to let go.

So let me asked again, When is really the good time to let

I believe, we knew the answer, we just dont want to.

Make peace with it. Because when our micro god, within us,
decided that it is a good go, for all you know, it maybe is.


Rei, in a crossroads,  Jan 13th 2012

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