The “L” Word

It all started with simple things.
You cant reach the back of your dress to zip it, and then you looked around in your room, wishing someone watched you getting dressed and offer some help.. but there’s no one.
Or when you sleep at night and your arms reached the other side of the bed, it felt cold and no one was there.
Or simply when you felt like speaking to someone at 12 o’clock at midnight just to say whatever on your mind.
Or when you feel like staying in bed all day and cuddling: kissing, holding hands, bear hugging.
Or when its raining and you want to share a cup of tea with someone while watching the rain pours.
Or when you just had a bad day..a very bad day, and was unable to share it with anyone.
When you watched a movie and nobody holds your hand, to share the stories with you.
When you say the corniest jokes ever and want to have someone to look back at you, as if saying “this is one of the lamest jokes i’ve heard, but still i love you”
Or when you are sick and you want someone to spoiled you, feel their warm hands pressed against your forehead.
When you have another purpose in life that you considered as yours too when it is actually him
When you can proclaimed that someone is yours and you are them, that you are the absolute owner of someone that you have the right to a special someone
Its the mutual feeling that whatever you do affect them and vice versa.
I can say many things …but no words can describe it. It felt tiresome, exhausted, and a weird pain in your chest everytime you felt it.
I want something to call MINE, and the “L” word does not stand for Love, its for Loneliness

– Rei, 29 Desember 2011 –

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